Quick Training Links


Lead Boxes

A great way to gather names of people who might be interested in Mary Kay is to use Lead Boxes. Click the box to learn a few ideas to get you started.


Preprofiling is using just a few questions to prep for your customer before

you get together. It's a great way to build a relationship before you meet with people.

Party Tools

This page is full of forms and printouts that are great tools you will want to use at your next party!

Working Full Circle

Party-> Sell -> Recruit -> Team Build -> Party

Promoting Your Mary Kay Business

Tell others you are pursuing your dreams and you're ready to serve and connect with new Mary Kay clients!

Unpacking Your Starter Kit

This can be both exciting and overwhelming! Let me walk you through some things. 

Facial in a Bag/Bathroom Models

When customers try, they BUY! Loan out your Skin Care Testers to customers and future customers with these cute instruction sheets. Click to learn more.

Sell 25 Item Challenge - Do NOT have an MK Website

The 25 Item Challenge is a great way to kickstart your selling. Here's a link you can use to promote your sales.

25 Item Challenge - You DO have an MK Website

The 25 Item Challenge is a great way to kickstart your selling. Here's a link you can use to promote your sales.


Chromafusion Color!

Chromafusion is HOT HOT HOT! Sell with these great tools and scripts!

80/40 Hostess Plan

This is a great plan because I believe everyone needs a 2nd appt. and LOVE FREE product! 

Closing the Sale

You've booked the party, now comes closing the sale! Watch some videos and learn to sell, sell, sell!

Creating a Facebook Group

You might have some success with a Facebook group to help spread the word about your Mary Kay business. Here's some helpful tips and tricks.

Mom Appreciation Day

Is Mother's Day coming? Have a local preschool nearby? Moms are under celebrated and under-appreciated. Try this great idea!

Office/School Appreciation Day

Appreciating those who work hard is a great way to get in the door to pamper people with Mary Kay. Check out these great ideas!

Valentine's Day Selling

Bless and pamper women by selling to men for Valentine's gifts. Get ahead of the holiday with these ideas.

Sample Instruction Sheets


People will buy what they try! Send Revealing Radiance Samples with these instruction sheets to your customers. These are fabulous.


Team Building

If you are ready to promote yourself, click here to get the tools you need to BUILD your TEAM!

Roll Up Bag Setup

This link will show you how to set up your Roll Up Bag for parties so you'll have everything you need and be ready to answer every question like a true expert!

Inventory Options

Feeling like you're not sure what to do about Inventory? This link will help!

Breast Cancer Awareness

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Spread the word and help promote your business with the ideas offered here.

Staying Positive

Everyone has a tendency to fall in to the dolldrums every now and then. Learn a few ideas on how to stay positive and motivated. Follow this link!

hands holding sparklers, quote, inspirational

21 Day Booking

A 21 Day Booking Blitz might help you get out of a slump, over a hump, and on the road to success. 

24x24 Selling Idea

Sell 24 products in 24 hours! Earn your bracelet, increase sales, earn more money!

Charcoal Mask Ideas

Customers LOVE the Charcoal Mask. Get it into their hands and off your shelves.

Launch Party

Get your MK Business off the ground with a Launch Party!

Product Demos

You can grow your business by using product to demo for your clients.

How to use Pic Collage

This link has a great video that helps you see exactly how Pic Collage can help you customize something with your picture and your info, or build a graphic from the bottom up!

Detail your services

Throw a Facebook Launch Party! Here's how!

How to use Pic Collage

Pic Collage is an app that can help you communicate to your customers with cute graphics. Here's how to use it.

hands holding sparklers, quote, inspirational

Hand Facials

Hand Facials help you get product on people who don't have a lot of time! Get your Roll Up Bag ready, it's time to SELL ON THE GO!

MK Naturally Skin Care

The new MK Naturally - ALL NATURAL- skin care is amazing and will change the game for your clients who want ALL NATURAL products. Check out everything we have in this link.