Let's get started!

  • First thing you should know, we are mailing you a New Consultant Packet that has the following downloads in it, but if you're really ready to roll, you can start today by downloading and/or printing the files below. 

  • Spend a few minutes getting connected. Save my contact info, find me on Facebook and Voxer, and schedule our Success Meetings in your calendar. 

  • At the bottom of the page, there is a questionnaire at the bottom that helps me get to know you. Fill that out so I can get to know you before our coaching call!

  • Lastly, let's connect so we can schedule your New Consultant Coaching Call! (719)207-1037


This is what will be in your New Consultant Packet coming in the mail to you shortly! You are welcome to print and use any of these now if you're ready.

First Steps

Contact Info

I have your contact info, but you might not have mine. Save these 2 phone numbers to your contacts. You can call or text me on both numbers. Now you're ready to set up your 

New Consultant Coaching Call! 

Diane Lundgren



Find me on Facebook

We have a special group on Facebook called the Dream Believer Family where our unit connects, supports each other, and celebrates each other's "wins". Please take a moment to "friend me" on Facebook and I will add you to the Dream Believers. Click here to find me fast.


Voxer is an App that allows me to send out vital information in the fastest, and most efficient manner there is - instant voice. I talk, you listen when you're able. Click below to connect on Voxer.

MyCustomers+ App

Mary Kay has an amazing resource for you. The My Customers+ App. You can create sales tickets, manage inventory and service customers on the go from your mobile device. Simply search MyCustomers+ in the Apple App Store or Google Play store.

Attend a Success Meeting

Every Monday, in Prescott, AZ, we hold a Mary Kay Success Meeting. Please let me know if you'd like to come join us so we can get to know you better and to get off to a quick start!  If you do not live in Prescott, Diane will try to help you connect with a Success Meeting in your area. It's important to stay connected in your area, and also, to attend all the Mary Kay events.

Share the big news

You need to get the word out that you've started a Mary Kay business! Compile a list of your best supporters and send out a text or give them a call to let them know what you're up to! You're not alone and these are your first line of helpers to get your business off the ground. Follow this link to learn how!

One More Thing, I want to get to know you!

It helps me a TON if I get to know you a little before we have our coaching call. Would you click here and fill out a brief questionnaire about you? It will only take a few minutes of your time and helps me get to know you better.