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Jordan Twilley grew up in a hard working family. With stability as her motivator, and hard work as her vehicle, she is shaping the life of her dreams.

Amy Kemp's mom was in Mary Kay when she was younger, and after she became a teacher and a mother, she found she still needed more; more money, more flexibility, more friends, and still even more! Amy describes how Mary Kay changed her life.

Bridget chose flexibility and the authenticity that Mary Kay offers. Mary Kay didn't just find a flexible business, she found a better life. She was young and hot-headed, and now she's calm and full of joy. Listen to here story here.

Heather Daniel Kent had $65,000 in debt and was making $11/hour as a Social Worker. She would have never considered Mary Kay, but her husband pushed her. The business opportunity was too good to pass up. See what happened for Heather.

Kali trusted Mary Kay because she saw it work for her mom, but she didn't know she needed Mary Kay until she decided to become a mom-trepreneur herself. After a difficult journey through infertility, she found support and 2 miracle babies of her own while walking the jourey with Mary Kay. The path is set, you choose which way you walk. 

Gloria and other amazing women share their stories. Gloria Mayfield-Banks is an incredible woman, THE TOP earner in Mary Kay, and shares her story and how the magic happened for her.

Sonia Paez, Directora Nacional de Ventas Indep. de Mary Kay nos cuenta sus comienzos la Compañía y como tu también puedes lograr tus metas y sueños. Sonia espera con tomando esta oportunidad cambies tu vida como ha sido cambiada la de ella y toda su familia.

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