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We have an amazing private group on Facebook. If you're in my unit, "friend me" on Facebook as Diane Lundgren and I can add you to our Dream Believer Group.



I LOVE Voxer for how quick it is! It's an efficient way to listen to up-to-date info from from Top Directors, encouragement from Unit Members, and quickly stay in contact with everyone with such little time investment. Find me! dlundg514

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Call me old fashioned, but a phone call is sometimes the best way to get in touch! Call me anytime! 



Our Million $ Office Manager


Kelly Garasha is our go-to girl for almost everything digital. She's the one who handles details and develops strategies. If you ever wonder how I do it all, I don't! Kelly is one of my secret weapons!

Million $ Customer Service


Dani Mackin is our Customer Service Specialist, our order filling fireball, & office organizing dynamo! She's multifaceted and gets me organized. I wouldn't be able to do what I do without her! 

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Reach out anytime!